Here comes a bit of information about me...

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On my site you can get a part of my sexlife. You can have tons of virtual fun with me and even write a part of my sexual history by making a real life date.
Since year 2003 i decided to make my sexlife public on internet. It all startet with a gangbang. I offered my house for a gangbang community , because I was in the need for some money and also wanted to watch dozen of man fucking two girls. It endet by dozen of man fucking three girls, since I joined the party. After that - i was sold... today i´m not that big fan of gangbangs, it´s more the public aspect what makes the run for me.
Since I really like to be watched and also wanted to meet fresh people, this site was born. It growed so fast , I didn´t imagine that internet can bring such an influence to my real life. Started with 50 visitors a day and two short videos and a small choice of photos online. In between i met hundrets of interesting people since November 2003 , get more mails a day that i am able to answer, 50 gigs of traffic a day and so on. As the site grows on and on, private couples contacted me as much as german porn acteurs and if there is a chance of horny action - there´s always a camera in the background.
Now if there´s the "o.k." from private amateur couples to upload the material, then you will get what ´s so special and unique on this page. Real german amateur material - authentic, non cut ,never faked in any case and mostly horny as hell.

About me :

Height: 1,59m

Clothing: 34 (xxs)

Maße: 84,56,82

Weight 43 Kg

Hobby´s: dancing, strong dogs, horses, gardening& and (of course) SEX !

Things I like while having sex :

Besides the normal sex in all positions you can imagine these are examples of what turns me on :

» long massage

» Blowjobs , french licking if you have skills to get a girl off with that .

» Dirty Talk

» Your messy cum on my skin  

» Pee , but active only

... and I have very sexy and very small feet If you like that - like to jack you of with them and feel your warm stuff on my toes