make a real date with me......

You like what you see and want to meet me ? here are some informations

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Please notice I am not a real professional but take this more as a hobby - since I simply like sex. Surely you will have to pay a bit for that, but that´s all the difference you notice from having a normal one night stand.
So if you plan to visit germany and like to meet me, take the chance ...

Since I am not able to answer 30 mails a day from persons who want to meet me, there´s a special e-mail adress only for that in the member section of my site. You will also find my private telephone number there.

Important : If you really date me in Germany, you get your member fee back from me. I will not trick to get more members with putting my number in the member section, but make sure that people who call or mail me for a date have real interest on my offer.
If you get more than 1000 visits a day on the web page , imagine how many people mail or call me just for fun, without a real interest...


How to find me :

I ´m living in Germany near Hannover. Hannover is known because of the CeBIT, the worlds largest computer fair which is located here.
More information you will get per mail or telephone call.
When we have a date it´s important that you call me once again one hour before we meet to make sure everything is o.k. for our meeting. Since I also have to travel quite a few miles to my flat i have to be sure that you are also on your way.